Nervous Patients

at Dentalcare Hook

Dentalcare Hook welcomes and supports nervous patients

Are you anxious or scared about visiting the dentist? Do you avoid going to the dentist? Are you putting off some dental treatment because you are nervous? Many patients are scared to visit the dentist but for some it is truly terrifying. Reasons for dental anxiety or dental phobia can range from suffering a bad experience at the dentist in the past to fear of the unknown.

Some patients find that they are so anxious that they have panic attacks about going to the dentist. Others avoid visiting the dentist but then suffer consequences to their dental health as problems develop without treatment. This form of dental anxiety can have potential financial implications as dental treatment becomes more complex and expensive the longer that dental appointments are missed.

At Dentalcare Hook we understand all of these problems and we want you to know that we are here to help. Our staff are very experienced in treating nervous and phobic patients, and we will do all that we can to put you at your ease.

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Nervous Patients

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Helping to overcome dental phobias in Dentalcare Hook

We believe it is the right that everyone has access to dental treatment and dental care, so we work hard to help those patients who find visiting the dentist difficult.

By helping to increase your knowledge can help you feel better about what is happening and empower you to feel more in control. We invite you into our dental practice to show you around and talk to you about the different processes and treatments. We will never rush you or pressure you into having any treatment.

These things can also help nervous dental patients:

  • Increasing your session times little by little
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Booking a morning appointment so that you don’t have to wait all day
  • Start with a basic cleaning treatment before progressing on to anything else
  • Music or audio books to listen to when you get to have treatment


We offer local anaesthetic to also help if you are a patient wanting to have a more challenging procedure or to deal with the management of pain. A small needle is inserted into the gum which quickly numbs the area so that you cannot feel anything

Call the dental surgery or come in and see us to talk more about how we can help you overcome your dental fears.