Independent Fees

at Dentalcare Hook

Independent Price List

Independent allows us to offer dentistry at low prices when we have already reached our NHS capacity. It works the same way as NHS in that all treatment must be required and a patient can opt for private treatment if they would like a more aesthetic option, for example a filling on a back tooth would be a metal amalgam filling with Independent, but the patient could choose to have a white composite filling privately.

The main differences between NHS and independent are:

  • There are no exemptions to payment with Independent treatment. Because this is not subsidised by the NHS, we cannot grant exemptions to payment on the Independent scheme.
  • Independent is charged as ‘fee per item’ unlike the NHS banding system. This means if you need two fillings, you will be charged for two fillings etc.

We have tried to keep the prices as close to NHS prices as we can so that we can continue to offer dentistry at an affordable cost. We have included the NHS fees below for comparison purposes only.

Independent fee NHS fee
Examination £26.00 £25.80
Emergency £30.00 £25.80
Amalgam filling £60.00 £70.70
Glass ionomer filling £70.00 £70.70
Composite filling (front teeth only) £70.00 £70.70
Extraction £70.00 £70.70
RCT – incisor £100.00 £70.70
RCT – pre-molar £150.00 £70.70
RCT – molar £200.00 £70.70
Full denture per arch (acrylic) £400.00 £306.80
Partial denture per arch (acrylic) £300.00 £306.80
Addition of a tooth to a denture (per tooth) £50.00 £70.70
Repair of a denture £70.00 £70.70
Metal crown £300.00 £306.80
Porcelain bonded crown (front teeth only) £300.00 £306.80
Porcelain bonded bridge (per unit) £350.00 £306.80